The riding surface leveler floor-care POWER PLATE is a development of our well-tried floor-care TWO IN ONE. It is suitable for showjumpers and enthusiasts of gaited horses for maintenance of their flying pace course or oval course. The preparatory work is performed by a rail leveler in connection with in two rows arranged harrow tines (adjustable intensity) which loose and level the tread layer. Afterwards the POWER PLATE is used to straighten and reinforce the tread layer.

At the push of a button, rollers, tines and the smoothing rail are brought into the working position. Even extreme conditions, such as bad weather and muddy ground, is no problem for the floor-care TWO IN ONE, as it is equipped with a weather-protected cabine with a sprung driver‘s seat, three-wheel drive and servo steering.  The time-saving and simple operation allows an optimal floor processing without prior knowledge. This means you have more time and can do the otherwise occurring stabling work.


Rain-Sunshine-Roof, spring-mounted height-adjustable seat, windshield incl. wiper and washer

adjustable band protection wheels

The servo steering enables a real car feeling

Height adjustable front rail leveler

We know from automatic vehicles: gas and brake -very easy to use

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