PREMIUM second-track-clearer


A second-track-clearer with a practical crank handle

for easy use

Hydraulic side / fence cleaner


Für eine einfache und perfekte Bearbeitung des Hufschlages. Da der Hufschlagbesen in der Ruheposition eingefahren ist, behindert er in keinster Weise.

Erst in der Arbeitsstellung fährt der Besen runter und läuft an. Zusätzliche Schutzrrollen verhindern grössere Schäden bei Bandenkontakt. Durch Abtasträder können Sie individuell die Arbeitstiefe festlegen.

Electronical lift out device

for Floor-Care AHK


This enables a remote control of the AHK type used with traction units which are not equipped with a hydraulic system. It simply requires 12 Volt electricity supply.

Three point connecting system


Truck hitch connection systems requiring a special fixing unit and this is our three-points connection system.

Crumble roller


The crumble roller is primary used in Western sports to loosen the soil. It is less suitable for soils with additives. For such soils it is better to use the lattice roller or Farmflex roller / rubber roller.

Walzen / Roller / Rouleau

1. Krümmlerwalze       Stahl/Lack, ø31cm,     L 1,25-2,2m

2. Farmflexwalze         Stahl/Gummi, ø31cm, L 1,45-2,2m

3. Gitternetzwalze       Stahl verzinkt ø34cm,  L 1,25-2,2m

                                     alternativ in Lack

4. Gitternetzwalze       Stahl verzinkt ø42cm,  L 1,6-2,2m

                                      alternativ in Lack

5. Stabwalze, gedreht Stahl verzinkt ø42cm,  L 1,6-2,2m

                                      alternativ in Lack


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Rear mirror


Available in the size of approximately 220mm x 150mm for attachment to the riding planner type: AHK. The mirror can be individually adjusted in height and slope.

By the mirror connecting the machine to the towing vehicle will be much easier.

Farmflex roller


To use the riding place planner ONE for more different soils it is possible to equip the riding planner with a Farmflex roller and a front rail leveler.

Front rail leveler


All Floor-Care ONE machines can be equipped and retrofitted with a front rail leveler on request. The front rail leveler enables a soil conserving care.

Depth loosener set


For the riding planners with the working widths from 1.6m to 3m there is a depth loosener set available. By replacing the levers without tools, the tines are brought into the working position.

Heights and depths regulation


The complete set is consisting of:

• guide rails

• retaining brackets

• upper link fixing

It prevents incorrect height adjustment when changing drivers.


Splash guard


For lattice rollers