Floor-Care DUO: The leveler for big arenas


This is the most efficient floor care tool for large in- and outdoor horse footings and last but not least the only reasonable choice for horse race tracks.

We designed and equipped this master piece tool with very special technical skills such as a working width of 3 to 6m, an hydraulic folding mechanism for the transport on the site which ensures a passing through of standard gates in a largeness of 1.90m just in order to enable the footing masters to get the large arenas into a very good shape in a short time of work, because we all know, that time means money at the end of a day.

The hydraulic system will be able to manage by the hydraulic system of traction unit and also via an electronical hydraulic oil pump system, installed on the floor care tool, if the traction unit is not equipped with a hydraulic system.







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